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Welding process

The stomach welding, is the use of solder as a medium, that is, heating and make two metal connection and achieve the purpose of electrical conductivity. 1, the basic conditions of good welding:

(1) the solder must have good weldability – the solderable solder.

(2) The surface of the weld must be kept clean.

(3) A suitable flux should be used.

(4) The solder should be heated to the proper temperature – heat source.

(5) Proper hand welding technique.

2, the basic requirements of welding :

(1) The mechanical strength of the welded joint to meet the needs.

(2) reliable welding, to ensure good electrical conductivity.

(3) The surface of the welded joint should be smooth and clean.

Welding technology and operation skills of electric welding

Second, the welding method and steps

  1. Preparation before welding

Component lead surface will produce a layer of oxide film, affecting the welding, to

remove the oxide layer before enamel tin silver, gold-plated lead outside, most components must be enamel tin before welding.

  1. Welding specific operation of the five-step method

Preparation, heating, wire feeding, wire removal, moving the soldering iron,

Precautions for soldering operation

1. keep the molten iron head clean Welding, soldering iron head in a long-term high-temperature state, and contact with solder and other weak acids, its surface is easy to oxidation and stained with a layer of black impurities. Be careful to grant impurities at any time in the soldering iron frame. Use a wet cloth or wet sponge to wipe the head of the soldering iron at any time, is also one of the common methods.

2. using the correct heating method

heating to rely on the solder bridge

4. the use of the correct way to evacuate the soldering iron, the iron evacuation to be timely

5. the amount of solder to be moderate

6. the amount of solder should be moderate

7. do not use the head of the soldering iron as a tool to carry the solder

The quality of the solder joint requirements

Welding technology and operation skills of electric welding

Electric welding technology basic attention steps

1, welding hands need to maintain a smooth burn, arms must be clamped to avoid shaking, so that the welding inch can be beautiful.

2, welding on time is generally to take the zigzag and dot type to burn, so that the weld out of the weld pattern more clear.

3, burning, welding rod and iron plate to maintain a 45-degree angle, conducive to the uniform distribution of iron, burning out of the welding only smooth. When the operation of back welding because the iron is easy to fall, it is necessary to take the form of spot welding, so that the firing joint will be more solid.

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