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WC20 cerium tungsten pole
Due to the characteristics of tungsten, it is very suitable for TIG welding and other electrode materials similar to this kind of work. Adding rare earth oxide into metal tungsten to stimulate its electron escape work, which improves the welding performance of tungsten electrode: the arc starting performance of electrode is better, the stability of arc column is higher, and the burning loss rate of electrode is smaller. Common rare earth additives include cerium oxide, thorium oxide, la oxide, zirconia and yttrium oxide. Cerium tungsten electrode: cerium oxide is added to tungsten.
Cerium tungsten electrode has the following advantages: · non-radiation · low melting rate · long welding Life · good arc-starting property therefore, cerium tungsten electrode is a good product under low current welding environment. Therefore, it has become the standard of most rail pipeline welding equipment manufacturers. In addition, it is also used in other low current applications, such as fine and small parts welding.

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