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Lanthanum-Tungsten Electrode WL20

Lanthanum Tungsten Electrode is well known its good welding performance. It is the electrode added with 1-2% of LaO, The power of its electronic transgression is 2.7-2.8ev. Bearing the closest features to those of thorium-Tungsten Electrode. Its arc features and burn spoilage endurance are better when used in small or medium currents condition.

Lanthanum-Tungsten Electrode is the most promising substitution product of thorium-tungsten electrode because of its nonradiation. Its another advantage is the endurance of high current but low burn spoilage rate.

Lanthanum tungsten has the following advantages:

*Better mechanical cutting performance * better creep resistance * high recrystallization temperature * good ductility.

The lanthanum tungsten electrode is the most popular electrode material in the world, especially the lanthanum tungsten electrode with the content of 1.5% (different from the content of 2.0%).

Scientific research shows that 1.5% lanthanum tungsten has the electrical conductivity closest to 2.0% tungsten thorium, so the welding personnel can easily change the electrode without changing the parameters of the equipment.

In 1998, a well-known field test was carried out, that is, the welding task of 2.0% tungsten thorium electrode, 2.0% tungsten cerium electrode and 1.5% lanthanum tungsten electrode provided by two manufacturers was carried out under 70 A and 150 a current and 300 V DC respectively, so that in both cases, 1.5% lanthanum tungsten electrode showed its excellent welding performance and showed its characteristics of low burn rate.

Lanthanum tungsten electrode is also suitable for AC welding task, and its performance is excellent.

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Lanthanum-Tungsten Electrode WL20

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