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Welding Gloves

Arc-welder’s gloves are artificial gloves for welders that are resistant to fire and heat, providing safety and comfort. According to the welding process and spark splash size, can be roughly divided into two types of welding gloves, namely arc welding gloves and argon welding gloves!

Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

The function of welding mask:

1.Eye protection: double filter to avoid harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation produced by arc

2. Facial protection: effectively prevent the operation of the splash and harmful body to the face damage, reduce the occurrence of skin burns

3.Respiratory protection: air flow guidance, effectively reduce the welding release of harmful gas and dust caused by the body damage

Grinding wheel and Cutting discs

You can easily cut metal with cutting discs. Grinding wheel is useful for you to polish up the Metal apperance to keep cleanness.

Used for grinding and polishing soldered dots, weld joints and the surface of common metals, stainless steel, nonmetal and nonmagnetic cast iron. Apply to steel structure,construction, casting, etc

Chipping Hammer

Applied to clear welding slag Oval spring handle structure to absorb shock and better comfort

Knife Brush / Wooden(Plastic) Handle Brush

A handle brush removes slag and rust from the welds and leaves the whole thing looking nice and clean.

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