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Characteristics of flux-core welding wire

1) compared with manual welding wire, the melting efficiency is greatly improved (2~4 times) and the efficiency is extremely high. In addition, it is also an economical welding material with the melting efficiency as high as about 90%.
2) the adaptation range to current and voltage is relatively large. Compared with the previous solid welding wire MIG welding, the welding conditions are easy to set and it is easy to conduct semi-automatic and automatic welding.
3) because the welding process is the gas-slag joint protection, the rich deoxidization elements and wetting agent in the slag are transited into the molten pool, and the surface of the weld bead is beautiful and shiny, the oxide layer is very thin or almost none, and full-position welding can be realized.
4) It is easy to realize jet transition, with very little welding splash, good slag removal and good melting depth.
Manufacturing process of flux-cored welding wire
The control of the manufacturing process of the flux-cored wire is very rigorous. Since the deposited metal comes from the components contained in the steel belt and flux-cored wire, the size and chemical components before manufacturing should be checked in detail to ensure the quality.

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