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1. What is “welding”?

The technological process of two or more materials (the same or different) to achieve the combination of atoms and form a permanent connection by heating or pressurizing or both is called welding.

2. What is the “welding process”? What does it contain?

A complete set of process procedures and technical regulations in the welding process. The contents include: welding method, preparation and processing before welding, assembly, welding materials, welding equipment, welding sequence, welding operation, welding process parameters and post welding treatment.

3. What is welding technology?

The general name of various welding methods, welding materials, welding processes, welding equipment and their basic theories is called welding technology.

4. What are the welding methods of electric welding (manual welding)?

Answer: Manual welding, namely manual arc welding, is a manual welding method that uses the arc as the heat source to melt the welding rod and form a weld with the base metal. According to the process standard of manual arc welding, it mainly includes four welding methods: flat welding, vertical welding, horizontal welding and overhead welding.

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